Levi Stories.

The Life and Ministries of Rev A A Levi and his Son Solomon Levi

Rev Solomon Levi

Rev Solomon Levi was born in Sydney.

 a son of Rev Aaron and Sarah Levi


He attended Clevland St Boy's High School

His father taught him Hebrew and  how to lead the services.

 He inherited some of his father's books.


He was four when his father led the York St Synagogue

He was 14 when Rev B Davis was charged

He was only ... when his mother died.

he was twenty one when the Great Synagogue opened.


   He became the second minister of the West Maitland Congregation.

  He met and married Abigail Friedman and many of their children were born in est Maitland.

  sadly the congregation declined until in 1898 services stoped for lack of a congregation.

     and Solomon and his family moved back to Sydney.

The Maitland Mercury printed a fine tribute to his ministry and his generousity to the poor in West Maitland.    


  the Hebrew newspaper in the State Library recods  he taught Hebrew


sadly he died in 1902.

   "an erepairable loss"


money was raised to assist Abigail  


      I  need to go through my files to write up the dates and more detail