Levi Stories.

The Life and Ministries of Rev A A Levi and his Son Solomon Levi

my journey began in 1972

I was the Student Minister in the Berry Presbyterian Manse praying in preparation for my Sunday Sermon.

    I felt God telling me  to ask my Nanna  "Why did you marry outside the faith?"

  this seemingly pretty basic question would commence my almost 50 year journey. 

  ( I asked gently, sensitively for I love my Nanna dearly)

    my Nanna's answer  would drive me.

me "Why did you marry outside the faith?"

 Nanna's answer:   "I had no one to teach me."

    I instinctivly considered this to be incredulous.

       Judiasm is founded and  it's continuence depends on Jewish Fathers or Grandfathers or Uncles

                                                                                        or the Rabbi teaching the children.

   What had happened?

   obviously something catestrophic.

    I asked some thing  and Nanna who  referred me to her sister in law.

 She gave me a number and the shop

   to call into.

   vicarious trauma avoidance kicked in.

  I didn't make the call nor did I call into the shop

 not even 3-4 years later when I worked in the city

and walked past he shop.

      It would be a long time before I called into the shop and met my Nanna's nephew.

   When I met my Nanna's niece she warned me that I might not like everything I found.

 not even she referred to what I would discover.


  my research began in 1986

   I located the building that had been the West Maitland Synagogue

where my Great Great Grandfather was the Minister   for around 16 years.

     I arranged to visit the night before the credit Union who sensitivly restored the building

          would open their branch.

    I walked in and felt the atmosphere of worship

 and in Hebrew burst forth  the English translation being

 "Blessed be the Lord God of Israel"

   the restoration in my soul had begun.

    2018 visit    two cousins and a Great Great Granddaughter returned 120 years after Solomon left.

   My desire was to return. To make a statement that His ministry has not been forgotten

 and we are restoring his ministry to West Maitland and beyond.


  the building which had been  the West Maitland Synagogue has become my special place of prayer.

thanks to the generousity of the owners allowing us to pray in our Synagogue.

    for the owners have sensitivly not placed anything above bench height so the restored building

     has the original atmosphere of the original Synagogue.






     in 2021 I am writing up my rears of research .

more to come

I wanted to learn more about

my Great Grandfather.

 My search was hindered

by what I have this morning named

vicariours trauma avoidance.

 our Levi stories have many

vicariously traumatising stories.

   I guess that's why I took small steps

discovering our heritage.