Levi Stories.

The Life and Ministries of Rev A A Levi and his Son Solomon Levi

Rev Aaron Alexander Levi

There was a family tradition of naming the eldest son of Aaron Alexander Levi, Alexander Aaron Levi.

   we havn't found records of Aaron's father   although some posabilities exist.


 Aaron was born in England.

 A letter I have a copy of  ( the original being in a library)  where one of his daughters

    said the Chief Rabbi in London sent Rev AA Levi to Hobart to sort out a messy divorce.

The next record I have found is that he had a ministry at the York St Synagogue in Sydney.

     my guess is he called into Sydney and was invited to stay as Jewish Minister's were scarce.

    or possably the Rabbi was planning to retire or go back to England.

In 1861 the Rabbi left and Rev A A Levi was asked to lead the congregation.

   by then Aaron had married Sarah and they had children

    Solomon was a four year old boy at the time.  I suggest proud of his father leading the congregation.

The Board records satisfaction with his ministry.

  I 1862 all was to change when Rev B Davis arrived to me the Minister.

  Aaron stayed on as Cantor and the  Minister who conducted the Funerals in Devenshire St.

    The family lived in Riley St   I have been in the restraunt  which their house has become.  


a funny story of my first visit. a member of staff pointed to the rear bar and said "that is where the guarage was"

  to which I replied "My Great Great Grandparents lived here in the  nineteenth centurary. He probably didn't even have a horse"  

   I just had a hunch he walked between the house, the Synagogue and the Cemetary.

      I read somewhere that in 1871 Surry Hills and Newtown were the growth suburbs of Sydney.


 I read a referance of a journey he made to Narandera to minister to Jewish families in country NSW.


He was a tall imposing man

    The Colonial years were very different.

I will write of his grief and sorrow another day