Levi Stories.

The Life and Ministries of Rev A A Levi and his Son Solomon Levi

History repeats itself

In 1993 I was appointed to the Auburn Presbyterian Church

by May I received a dosclosure of sexual abuse by a longstanding attendee

history was repeating itself

    What changed since 1871?

Child Protection was being rolled out.

   I attended a three day Child Protection Seminar in Tabor College.

   The Wood Royal Commission was investigating pedeophilia.

   The Presbyterian Church produced a policy and procedure document "Breaking the Silence"

after the Elders in 1996 forbade the now deceased alleged sexual abuser from being on the property

  the enablers retaliated  the case went to the Presbytery, the NSW State Assembly and the 1997 Australian General Assembly. 

      the responses were deplorable   even some allege conceilment which is now a crime in NSW

After my sacking which came into effect on 4th July 1997 the parents in the congregation asked me to lead them in an independant fellowship.

 In the early twenty first centurary the Royal Commission into the responses of Institutions to child sexual abuse was held.

The NSW Presbyterian Church set up a Child Protection Unit ( from memory 1998 or 1999) with a Child Protection officer.

      at first there was an instruction not to investigate historical cases.

there unresolved issue rolled on.


      When the heirachy changed    around  2019  the new Child Protection Officer received a report and disclosures as they came to mind.


as at June 2021 there have not been any Appeals heard but it is hoped one day the 1996/ 1997 decisions will be reversed.

      One hundred and fifty years and 23 years is a long time for stories to be believed

 It is time Places of Worship deal  with disclosures of sexual abuse and  support survivors and  work through the corporate vicarious trauma

    of breaches of trust and abuses or power and betrayal.


sadly only recently in a Church  where the Pastor strongly implimented Child Protection, the ex Youth  Pastor has been charged with sexual assault.  Certain senior members in this day want to not talk about it.   Congregations need to talk about disclosures or allegations or charges of sexual abuse or sexual assault because the vicarious trauma affects the members of the congregation and the community and families linked to the congregation in addition for an obligation to provide Pastoral Care to survivors and families

and to support those of us in Ministry who fulfill our Pastoral responsabilities.




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