Levi Stories.

The Life and Ministries of Rev A A Levi and his Son Solomon Levi

Introduction to my journey.    of discovering the biographies          of my ancestors.

My Nanna had four pictures on the wall beside her bed.:

Her Grandparents. Rev Aaron Alexander Levi and Sarah Levi.

Her Parents : Rev Solomon Levi and Abigail Levi.

     What were there stories?

   This site attempts to tell their stories. 

  A story which commenced with a long journey from London to Hobart by sailing ship.

    then to settlement in Sydney - the Colony of New South Wales

 The York St Synagogue and into the Great Synagogue.

    A journey to West Maitland  a ministry appreciated by the city.

A journey of much sorrow as one member of the Levi after the other died an early death.

 Of faithful and caring Offiating at funerals in the Devonshire Cemetery and the Jewish Maitland Cemetery.

       I have visited the Great Synagogue and the building which was the West Maitland Synagogue.

      I have visited family graves in  the Maitland Jewish Cemetery  i particular Abigail Levi's parents,

      Rev Aaron A Levi, David Levi ( a son who died aged 27) and Sarah Levi    - beside each other in that order.

     Rev Solomon Levi       Abigail's grave is also in the Jewish section at Rockwood yet to be  visited.

       Getting behind the wall of silence was the hard part.

     In 1871 the Minister ( he was not a Rabbi ) at the York St Synagogue was accuse of molesting his 14 year old nurse

           the case went to court  he was not found guilty.  or might he have been?

           my thesis is that his return to the York St Synagogue in time to lead the congregation on  Yom Kippur  in English The Day of Atonement.

                   marked the beginning of a deep division within the Congregation which I suggest has yet to be resolved.

             My thesis is the trauma resulted in premature deaths and abandonment for my family.

            yet G-d has sustained us.  we have prevailed in faith and good works following those who have gone before us.


    there is another story. The story of family shops.  A place of family catching up. often three generations .


                      Our family has maintained links between cousins and second cousins.  During my lifetime I have known at least one member of  five generations

and as the 10th Anniversary of  the 1871 Court Case, today I am in touch with  decendants of my Grandmother's youngest and oldest siblings families and my own cousins.

       I have been to Friday Night Services in the Great Synagogue and two Yom Kippur Services.

      "G_d bless"

To serve G-d

to show kindness in the community.

to provide for the poor

to endure hardship

to know of G-d's love